Make Mosul Great Again Patches for Auction

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"Make Mosul Great Again"
These patches were made to commemorate ongoing operations in Western Mosul in 2017.
Besides the ones currently being worn in the field, we made 21 more. These are made in Iraq, supporting local small business. All proceeds of sales go directly towards medical equipment and care for wounded Civilians currently escaping Mosul.
We have ten up for sale at $100.00 per patch (available here), and another 10 that will be auctioned off to the highest bidders. Each patch comes with a certificate and the patches will be numbered 2-21/21.
1/20 is going to the man who coined the original MAGA....

This page is for the private auction for the remaining 10 "Make Mosul Great Again" patches. Please email your best/final bid to 

Make Mosul Great Again PatchesMake Mosul Great Again - Battle Brothers Trading CompanyMake Mosul Great Again Patches
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